Trendyul Flashes Laser Epilator For Women Permanent IPL Photoepilator Hair Removal

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900000 Flashes Laser Epilator For Women Permanent IPL Photoepilator Hair Removal Professional Bikini Electric Laser Depilador

Usage Steps:
1) First plug in the power and turn on the machine; select the gear; for the first use, it is recommended to start slowly from the low gear to the appropriate gear.
2) Please put the laser head on the skin, after the energy indicator flashes, press the launch button to complete the operation; move to the next part and continue the operation.
3) After turning on the machine; short press the emission button for light emission operation, long press the emission button for automatic / manual light emission mode switching.
Attention:Such device cannot give you result at once in several days,please use patiently according to the manual.
- Triple security protection:Built-in security sensor chip.All-in-one machine, prevent side light and multiple insertion and removal damage.Multiple protection of the motherboard to ensure stable operation.
- Multi-layer coated lens with wide band coverage and more efficacy.
(1-3 level steps of hair removal to improve skin texture, 1-8 levels: hair removal)
- Both size and appearance Mini is easier to carry, and it is easy to operate by holding the shape.
- Large screen display parameters are easier to read.
Package :
Adapter + Host + Manual + Free Gift(Glasses and Razor)
900000 Flashes Laser Permanent IPL Epilator
Dual mode light emission | 8 modes | Full body hair removal
Deep Into Hair Follicle
Support manual and automatic mode switching
Painless IPL Hair Removel
IPL hair removal, precise irradiation of hair follicle melanin, delay hair growth from the roots, according to the growth cycle, to achieve the effect of silkiness without repeating
900000 Flashes, LED Display Counting
90W energy-generating liquid crystal display, the number is truly visible and can be used for more than 10 years
Manual and Automatic Mode Switching
Meet the needs of different parts
8 Gear Energt, Available Throughout The Body
One-click adjustment of light intensity, even sensitive parts can be gently cared for
0.9s Fast Flash, Plug and Play
Whole body hair removal only take 10 min.Flash after contact with skin.All-in-one machine.
Multi-Layer Coated Lens
Wide band coverage, more efficiency
Build In Skin-Sensor Chip
Security operation

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